‘Love is Blind Brazil 4’: Patrick keeps his promise and does a ‘Baldness Reveal’ at the Reunion

Patrick without wearing a cap

Participant Patrick of Love is Blind Brazil 4, who wore a cap throughout the show, claimed he suffered from ‘baldphobia’ on the reality show.

After spending the entire fourth season of Netflix’s reality show “Love is Blind” wearing a cap and claiming to be a victim of “baldphobia,” traffic manager Patrick appeared without the accessory in the special reunion episode, available on the platform this Wednesday. He kept the promise he made on social media, saying he would do a “baldness reveal” on the show.

Patrick Allegedly Underwent a Hair Procedure in Early July

Comments about a possible hair implant performed by the participant popped up on social media. During the reality show, he mentioned that he didn’t have the money for the procedure—despite claiming, during the pods stage, that he had three cars in his garage. However, according to the “Metrópoles” website, Patrick did indeed undergo a hair procedure at a clinic in São Paulo in early July.

Is Patrick Still with Marília?

In the fourth season of the show, Patrick got involved with Marília, a 37-year-old banker. However, when they got to the altar, both said “no.” In the special episode, he revealed that he went back to his ex-girlfriend.

Who Said Yes in ‘Love is Blind’?

Three couples got married at the end of the show: architect Ingrid, 33, and personal trainer Leandro, 32; lawyer Renata, 33, and entrepreneur Alexandre, 34; and lawyers Vanessa, 33, and Leonardo, 34.

Who Is No Longer Together After ‘Love is Blind 4’?

In the reunion, Ingrid and Leandro revealed that they are no longer together. The architect shared her frustrations, expressing that she felt “disgusted” by the personal trainer.

“For those who doubt, the sexual problem was Leandro’s. Leandro was impotent,” she said, alluding to the sexual issues that arose during their honeymoon stage. “I said: ‘Go to therapy. I’ll wait. I’ll be patient with you, and when all this is over and settles down, I’ll still be here waiting for you. We’ll reconnect. We’ll do couples therapy and we’ll reconnect. What did you do, Leandro? Do you remember? You waited for me to sleep. First, I slept naked, then I slept in panties, then I started sleeping in pajamas, then I took a pillow and went to sleep on my couch, avoiding you in my bed, in my room, in my house. You didn’t respect me any day, that’s why I broke up with you.”

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