Groom from Love Is Blind Brazil 4, Patrick complains of prejudice for being bald

Patrick Ribeiro bald from love is blind brazil 4

Patrick Ribeiro, the fiancé of Marília Pinheiro on the fourth season of Love Is Blind Brazil, expressed discomfort with Renata Giaffredo‘s mockery upon learning he is bald. The participant pointed out that the lawyer’s reaction was prejudiced and explained that he always wears a cap to feel more confident.

During the honeymoon phase of the Netflix reality relationship show, Renata couldn’t contain herself when she saw Patrick for the first time. She was puzzled as to why he was wearing a cap in the cold of the Serra Catarinense and confirmed with her fiancé, Alexandre Thomaz, if the ex-suitor had any hair issues. “I avoid being with bald men,” she said on the show.

In response to the backlash, Patrick took to social media to talk to his followers. “Million-dollar question! Is it a form of prejudice to mock a genetic condition like baldness, considering that those who have it didn’t choose it and suffer because of it? It’s not like other aesthetic conditions that don’t fit the social standard of beauty,” he asked.

He also opened a Q&A session on his Instagram Stories to interact with people. “I believe it’s disrespectful to mock any characteristic of others,” wrote one user.

The issue is respect. Mocking others’ insecurities is rude and prejudiced. The moment you mock someone else’s insecurities, you completely lose your credibility. It doesn’t make any sense because achieving today’s beauty standards is unattainable.

“If you have any accessory, anything that makes you feel more secure and better about yourself, there’s no reason not to use it,” he added. “If so many short women wear heels to feel more confident, and I wear a cap to feel more confident, what’s the problem with that?” he compared.

Another follower asked why the traffic manager hadn’t undergone a hair implant. “Even though I said I had three cars, and it was a conversation totally taken out of context… Unfortunately, today I can’t afford this procedure. It’s something that bothers me. When I can, I’ll resolve it,” he explained.

Patrick also faced attacks in the Q&A session. “When it’s someone ‘lame’ like you, it’s okay. Jerk and bald,” one person shot back. “Have you had your therapy today?” Patrick retorted.

It’s prejudice whether genetic or not. Commenting on someone’s body is gross regardless,” said another user. “Everyone has insecurities about some aspect of their appearance. Why mock and ridicule people’s insecurities around you? What do you gain from that?” the participant questioned.

Patrick also shared that he had shaved his head for a while. “And what do you think about mocking chubby people?” another follower asked. “Having weighed 120 kg before, I abhor any kind of judgment against chubby people. The Love Is Blind experiment is precisely about getting to know the essence, not the beauty,” he concluded, using the hashtag #SayNoToBaldPhobia.

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