Understanding the conflict between Ingrid and Leandro from ‘Love is Blind Brazil’

Ingrid Santa Rita

The reunion episode was marked by tense moments between the ex-couple.

On the morning of Wednesday (10), after Netflix released the reunion episode of ‘Love is Blind Brazil: A fresh start,’ the names of the ex-couple, Ingrid Santa Rita and Leandro Marçal, became trending topics on social media.

Ingrid and Leandro got married on the show
Ingrid and Leandro got married on the show

The two said “yes” at the altar and tried to continue their marriage, but according to the architect, it didn’t take long for everything to fall apart. “When I chose you as my husband, I imagined that, having three sisters, you would know what not to do. You didn’t. You disrespected me multiple times. I protected you every day inside the reality show, from day one, from the honeymoon,” said Ingrid.

“For those who doubt, the one with the sexual problem was Leandro. He was ‘impotent’. I understood, I supported you, as a Black man, as a Black man. Breaking away from the stereotype that a Black man always has to be ready for good sex,” she said.

“But when we went to my house, you wanted to solve it alone, Leandro. I told you: ‘Go to therapy. I’ll wait. I’ll be patient with you, and when all this is over and settles down, I’ll still be here waiting for you. We’ll reconnect. We’ll do couple’s therapy and we’ll reconnect. What did you do, Leandro? Do you remember? You waited for me to sleep. You waited for me to sleep. You never, when I was awake, said ‘Ingrid, love, let’s try to stay close together,’” accused Ingrid.

While recounting what happened between them, Ingrid was nervous and cried a lot. “During that last week, every day, Leandro. Until six, seven in the morning. At first, I slept naked, then I slept in panties, then I started sleeping in pajamas, then I took a pillow and slept facing down in my bed, then I started sleeping on the couch, avoiding you in my bed,” she recounted.

“In my bed, in my room, in my house, on the pillow I bought. Because now I throw everything in your face. You didn’t respect me any day, and that’s why I broke up with you,” said the architect.

Still during her outburst, Ingrid revealed that she had a panic attack and her daughters found her on the floor. “Begging you, for God’s sake, not to touch my body. I asked you not to touch me. I asked more than once, Leandro. And you didn’t respect me. You didn’t listen to me. You wanted to solve your erectile problem by yourself; it was your ego, it was your lies. Because you only wanted to keep that marriage in your dirty and filthy way.”

“I’m disgusted by you. I want to make that very clear. I’m disgusted by your voice. I’m disgusted by your mouth. I’m disgusted by the way you look at me. I don’t want you near me. I don’t want any closeness. I’m making it very clear for everyone here to hear, I don’t want this man near me. You don’t have the right. Tell me, Leandro, what did you do to me,” Ingrid declared, supported by her reality show colleagues.

Leandro Responds to the Accusations

After Ingrid’s lengthy outburst, Leandro tried to explain. “When I participated in the show, we started having a relationship, and it was never friendly, never really healthy. We never really managed to connect. Our sexual part was something that affected me a lot. At one point, I got tested, sought help, tried to understand what was happening. We found out it wasn’t a physical problem. It was a psychological problem,” he said.

“I felt we weren’t 100%, but I was completely in love with her. Totally involved. She’s someone who’s helped me a lot, someone I love, and someone I see a future with. My ‘yes’ was always sincere, I never wavered in my ‘yes’. At certain moments, I noticed that Ingrid was unsure, ‘is it yes or no, is it yes or no’,” he continued.

The personal trainer said he sought help to try to solve the sexual problem. “Regarding the sexual part, I never said I was right. Yes, I was wrong in trying to solve a problem in our relationship, which was the main point of you saying, ‘50% of the relationship is sex, we need to adjust this’. I sought help, yes, but things aren’t that quick. By the time I was already working on it, we were already in the middle to the end. Our relationship was already really bad. The sexual part was a problem for us, yes, thinking it would solve the relationship problem,” he continued.

“Our relationship really didn’t work out. I apologize, as I’ve already done many times. I understand my mistake, but I also understand that a relationship is made by two people. Our relationship didn’t end that week. Our relationship had already ended, you just didn’t have the courage to say you didn’t want it anymore,” he concluded.

After the extensive account, Ingrid asked to leave the reunion because she wasn’t feeling well. The production also asked Leandro to leave the conversation.

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