Tension on ‘Love Is Blind’? Ariela ignores message, faces Evandro, and has unexpected behavior at participant party

Ariela ignores message, faces Evandro

Ariela reunited with Evandro for the first time on ‘Love Is Blind Brazil 4’ after being left at the altar. Find out how the businesswoman reacted!

The reunion happened! After being abandoned and breaking off the engagement, Ariela came face to face with Evandro at the bachelor party for the couples formed on “Love Is Blind Brazil 4th season.” Contrary to what many viewers might have expected, the businesswoman was very peaceful and receptive toward her ex-fiancé.

“I’m going to behave because today is your day. Let’s drink, have fun, and dance,” she said, minutes before meeting the security guard. Ariela told Vanessa, who married Leonardo, that Evandro had tried to contact her, but she chose to ignore him. The ex-fiancé had sent a message on WhatsApp, asking where they had gone wrong, but she decided not to respond. “Meeting him was fine for me, it was different. But I’m doing great,” she assured.

Evandro also commented on the reunion. “I hugged her, talked very briefly, but we didn’t speak any further. I wish her all the happiness in the world,” he said.

Ariela apologizes to Marília after insults

At the girls’ bachelorette party, Ariela took the opportunity to apologize to Marília after a “freak-out.” “I was a bit rude, I’m apologizing face to face,” she said. The participant responded, “I don’t remember you insulting me, but I must have been rude too,” the bride-to-be of Patrick downplayed.

Marília later complained to the production about Ariela’s approach. “She brought up the same issues as always, she won’t change. I was coming from some issues with him [Patrick],” she commented, then vented about her fiancé: “Being an older, mature, super independent woman, I’m not used to licking the ground I walk on. It requires a lot of maturity, resilience, and sometimes it’s tiring to be mature. I felt alone a million times.”

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