After secret is discovered, Evandro says Goodbye and Fiancée rips up letter: ‘I Deserve Better’

Evandro says Goodbye and Fiancée

Evandro left ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ 4th season – A fresh start, after Ariela discovered that he had another child, which he had not disclosed to her. The security guard packed his bags and left the couple’s apartment, leaving behind a letter and the engagement ring.

A very important detail about Evandro’s life was concealed in the fourth season of “Love is Blind: Brazil.” A father of two girls, the security guard hid from Ariela that he had another child, and the businesswoman found out when they moved in together, truly experiencing married life. But the conflict that led him to quit the experiment happened well before this, and below are all the details!

It All Started at a Pool Party

It all began at a pool party among the couples of the season. Marília started venting about her relationship with Patrick, but Ariela brought up a controversial topic, sparking the argument. The businesswoman once again commented on the fact that some men had relationships before entering the experiment, but Marília didn’t want to hear it. “I’m not your friend; I met you here,” the businesswoman snapped at her fellow contestant while walking away and cursing at her.

Evandro Quits the Show

After arguing with Marília, Ariela let slip that she had just discovered her fiancé had another child and had hidden it from her. “I don’t care if you have ten kids, but it bothers me that you’re not honest and transparent,” she complained. The couple’s argument didn’t stop there, and Evandro was upset with the businesswoman for “stirring the pot” and ultimately quit the experiment.

“I’m not obligated to go through this; I deserve respect, and when there’s no respect, it’s not worth fighting for something. I’m leaving, I’ve reached my limit. It’s sad to end this way because we…can not be together…

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