Renata and Alexandre get married on ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ and unexpected ending surprises the web

Renata and Alexandre get married

Another marriage has been sealed on ‘Love is Blind: Brazil 4 – A fresh start’ Among the couples, Alexandre and Renata said ‘yes’ at the altar but had an unexpected outcome.

The finale of “Love is Blind: Brazil Season 4” is gradually being revealed by fans of the reality show. After confirming that Vanessa and Leonardo are still together after saying “yes” at the altar, a new spoiler is taking over social media: did Renata and Alexandre actually get married? Purepeople reveals that the two took a completely unexpected turn.

According to information from the profile “Segue a Cami,” yes, Renata and Alexandre did get married. However, some time after the show, they ended up separating. Details of this breakup will be seen in the reunion of the “Love is Blind” cast, a highly anticipated moment for internet users.

Web Supports Renata After Breakup with Alexandre on ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’

On social media, netizens were impressed by the outcome. Not because of the separation, but because they couldn’t believe that Renata, one of the most controversial participants of the season, had said “yes.”

“He is egocentric, and despite being judged, she has a big heart,” one person opined. “I believe Renata was really willing to make it work and ended up getting attached,” another declared. “I think they went too far. Renata, when they moved to real life, seemed to diminish herself to fit into Alexandre’s little world,” commented another.

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