With Outrageous Comments, Renata Becomes Love Is Blind Brazil’s Favorite Villain

Renata Giaffredo love is blind 4

Love her or hate her, Renata Giaffredo is undeniably one of the standout participants in the fourth season of Love Is Blind Brazil. The 33-year-old lawyer has polarized audiences with her behavior on the Netflix reality show, especially her remarks that many consider shallow and even prejudiced.

During the pods phase, Renata repeatedly emphasizes her “expensive” lifestyle. She even mentions that it would be difficult to date someone who lives in the eastern zone of São Paulo, for example.

One particular conversation with Patrick Ribeiro has gone viral online due to its superficiality. She says she would marry the traffic manager because he lives in the “same world” as hers.

“Do you have a car, by the way? That’s very important,” she asks. “I have three cars in the garage, just pick one,” he replies. “I also have a car. I have a house in the countryside, right on top of a mountain. I have an apartment in Guarujá,” Renata lists, also asking if he has traveled abroad.

The problem is that Patrick thinks he’s talking to Marília Pinheiro, whom he later gets engaged to. Renata moves on and establishes a new connection with Alexandre Thomaz. But other comments from her spark controversy at this point.

“If he’s not the person I envision, we can be great friends, but there won’t be a relationship,” she says in an interview. “If he’s too chubby, I’ve never dated anyone like that. Maybe that would be an obstacle for us,” she adds, contradicting the show’s rule of not considering the physical aspects of the contestants.

Seeing Renata’s high expectations, Alexandre calls her shallow and asks her to tone it down. “I think you joined the wrong experiment,” he says. Renata cries, apologizes, and eventually makes up with the businessman.

Another controversial moment happens when Renata decides to propose to Alexandre. She asks the production team to play the song “Don’t Go Away” by Marisa Monte. However, Marília had already dedicated this song to Patrick earlier.

During the honeymoon phase, Renata can’t hold back when she sees Patrick for the first time. She immediately questions why he’s wearing a cap in the cold weather of Serra Catarinense and checks with her fiancé if the ex-suitor has any hair issues. “I avoid being with bald men,” she explains.

Renata’s remarks have sparked both love and hate reactions on social media. “This Renata from Love Is Blind is basically a historical reparation for the show. She was called to trash all the men,” stated Juliana Braz on X (formerly Twitter).

“I find it chic when women’s main personality trait is to torment straight men and humiliate their looks… I see it as historical reparation,” agreed Dani Fioravanti. “Renata from Love Is Blind Brazil 4 has major soap opera villain energy,” commented a user identified as Malu.

“Renata is the villain the series always needed. She’s perfect reality show material,” said Rafa. “She’s the female straight top version!” joked Ingrid. “I was born to see a Renata on Love Is Blind, guys, I won’t lie! Pure entertainment watching a top straight in a skirt,” agreed Yasmin.

“Renata managed to be worse than the men,” said Andressa. “People hating Renata, to me she’s the best of the season. I’m dying of laughter with the diva,” defended Milena Treze. “Renata is the karma for all the awful men who have been on Love Is Blind. She even got put in her place by Alexandre,” mocked Callie.

“We want Renata from Love Is Blind in a season of Rich Women!” suggested Cecília, referencing the show aired by Band from 2012 to 2013. “If Val Marchiori and Narcisa Tamborindeguy had a daughter, she would be Renata,” quipped the @_tyunnitus profile.

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