Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Bets on more sex, even with the lights on – Columnist Pasin

Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 Bets on more sex

“Love is Blind Brazil” season 4 – A fresh start, is experiencing its best season yet with an unusual cast. The reality show, which premiered on Wednesday the 19th, features couples who “drink more and have more sex,” says brazilian columnist Lucas Pasin. “No previous season of ‘Love is Blind Brazil’ has shown the bed shaking as much as this one. Either they’re having more sex, or the editing is highlighting it more.”

There is one couple, in particular, that “really likes sex,” according to the columnist. “They are the only couple shown getting intimate with the lights on,” he comments. “A couple that is comfortable with the lights on and cameras rolling — I bet on their marriage.”

Less forced, this season had the “great idea” of casting participants with “baggage,” those who have been through previous marriages. “This is the best cast and definitely the best season because it broke away from stereotypes,” says Chico Barney. “It’s more real. The desire to make it work seems more genuine — for better or worse — in this cast.”

On some level, all the participants are desperate, and that is the fuel for a good reality show, says Chico. “They opened the door to the desperate,” Pasin jokes.

Pasin adds that the cast is more interesting because of their level of neediness, alongside their “desperation” for fame. “They break down falsehoods, bringing traumas from previous relationships, which makes for a much richer cast.”

Trashy Boy and Overbearing Bride: Controversial Couple is the Best of the Season

Alexandre and Renata make up the “most controversial and polarizing” couple of the season, says Chico Barney. While Alexandre remarked that Renata has a “fat voice,” the participant “doesn’t have much of a filter.”

Lucas Pasin says this duo is the most interesting to watch. “They will provide the most content because he has all the makings of the ‘trash boy’ of the season. And Renata ends up being worse than him in her comments, more intense, and even oppresses him, constantly threatening.”

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