Love is Blind Brazil 4 Participant Ariela Carasso sought therapy after show

Love is Blind Brazil 4 Participant Ariela Carasso

Ariela Carasso from Season 4 thanked fans for their concern and shared on social media that she is now in therapy.

Ariela Carasso, a participant from Season 4 of Love is Blind Brazil, revealed on social media that she sought therapy after her time on the reality show. On Wednesday (June 26th), Netflix released the second batch of episodes, focusing on the couples’ daily lives after the honeymoon.

On social media, various netizens expressed concern and even criticized the event manager’s behavior, which changed after discovering some personal information about Evandro, her fiancé.

Ariela from Love is Blind Brazil 4 doesn’t need a husband, she needs therapy,” wrote a user on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Through her account on the same social network, the participant wrote: “As many requested… I’m already calling to schedule my therapy here.” On Instagram, she thanked everyone for their concerns and stated that she would soon address all the issues related to her participation in the reality show.

“There was much more than what we saw today, and I’ve been wanting to open up to you all for days, because everything happened in the past, and I won’t gloss over anything. Love is Blind is a show to find and fall in love with someone, not an opportunity. For some, it might be, but for me, it wasn’t,” she added.

Through her social media, Ariela also reposted photos and videos from friends showing solidarity with her situation. Among the videos were former participants of the show who also went through the experiment in previous seasons. These include Ana Prado from Season 1, and Karen Bacic and Bianca Sessa from Season 3.

Recap of Ariela Carasso’s Journey on Love is Blind Brazil 4

Event manager Ariela and security guard Evandro formed the first couple of the new season. She is 34 years old and has a nine-year-old daughter; he is 35 and has two daughters.

Despite Evandro feeling that his fiancée was somewhat distant during the honeymoon, the couple went through the first phase of the show without major obstacles.

However, a confrontation occurred as soon as they returned to “real life” and received their cell phones. Ariela caught a message from him to an ex-fling, where he called her “love” and “baby.” Following this, Ariela decided to spend the night away and returned the next day to resolve the issue.

A new revelation from Evandro came to light in the latest episodes, causing more drama in their relationship.

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