‘Love is Blind Brazil’ Participant Evandro Pinto is accused of Parental Abandonment by Ex

Evandro Pinto and his ex wife

‘I will expose everything,’ promised confectioner Luana Mendes about Evandro Pinto, who was labeled as a NICE MAN in 4th season of Love is Blind Brazil.

Evandro Pinto gained fans and admirers after appearing in the cast of the fourth season of “Love is Blind: Brazil” on Netflix but faced his first controversy just days into his “fame.” Luana Mendes, who claims to be his ex and the mother of his 12-year-old son, Gustavo, accused the personal security guard of parental abandonment and said he entered the dating reality show while in a committed relationship.

On X (formerly Twitter), the confectioner made a series of posts rejecting the “nice guy” image that her ex tried to portray on the show. “Evandro presents himself as a nice guy, but he has an arrest warrant for owing child support for his daughters, has a restraining order under the Maria da Penha Law, and abandoned a 12-year-old son, whom he doesn’t even mention on the show. I am the boy’s mother,” she said.

Luana claimed that Evandro entered the show, hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, while still in a relationship with a girlfriend of six months. “This guy joined the reality show while dating, ghosted his girlfriend (they had been together for six months) and didn’t even tell her. The girl was desperate trying to find him until she discovered he was looking for marriage on a reality show. I won’t let this slide, I will expose everything,” she asserted.

Luana also shared supposed screenshots of conversations she had with Evandro, where he asked to talk and “resolve” the situation. She claimed that he “wanted fame” instead of seeking forgiveness and, in the messages, Evandro stated:

“If it were for fame, fine, but it’s not. I truly just want to talk to you before anything. And I’m not afraid of what might come. That’s life.

“And honestly, I don’t want to fight, argue, or anything. I just really want, before anything else, to talk to you. I know it’s not easy to give this opportunity, and I don’t even care about the show or anything like that. I just really want to talk to you,” he said.

The participant continued: “It was God’s plan for me to join this, and honestly, if all of this is for me to be close to Gustavo [her son with Evandro], you can do whatever you want with me. I know it will have been worth it and I’m sure that besides learning, it will be positive for everyone. I’m certain nothing in this world is in vain, you understand? So, please, can we talk? Just that, nothing more. Afterward, you can do whatever you want,” he assured.

“You exposed everyone to ridicule, not even thinking about Gustavo seeing you talk about having two daughters and denying his existence. You are much worse than I imagined. You come with this soft talk, using God’s name in vain, to pretend to be someone you’re not. You abandoned your son in life, and suddenly you have the urge to talk to resolve things? Have some patience! Go seek justice because I will make you pay for everything you’ve done,” she concluded.

Luana retorted: “Go to hell! In these 12 years, you had my address, my email, my phone number, everything! And you never reached out. And now you say you needed the show? You even claim it was God who put you there?”

Evandro apologized: “I just really wanted to ask for forgiveness for everything I did and the lack of maturity I had regarding this whole situation, but it’s never too late to make amends. I know the resentment you hold against me and I know you are right. You are correct […] I know I was garbage, despicable, but today I know the person from the past is not the same as the one here now.”

In his Stories, he argued: “People, soon I will speak out about everything that’s happening. I believe that regardless of the internet, of social networks, the best way is face-to-face, to arrive and talk in person. And that’s the human way to be, not to throw around screenshots, use Twitter to do something. Besides, why only now?” he questioned.

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