Love is Blind Brazil 4: Find Out the Fate of the Couples from the Netflix Reality Show

who are still together in Love is Blind Brazil 4

The reunion of “Love is Blind,” on Netflix, aired this Wednesday (7/10) and revealed the fate of the couples from the reality show. Find out who are still together.

The reunion of “Love is Blind Brazil 4” was made available by Netflix this Wednesday (7/10) and shared the outcome of the couples who participated in the show. Of the four pairs that made it to the altar, three said “yes,” while one explained that they were “not yet” ready to get married but would continue dating.

Vanessa and Leonardo, Ingrid and Leandro, Alexandra and Renata did, in fact, exchange rings. Marília and Patrick intended to continue dating. Ariela and Evandro, who also went on the honeymoon and lived together, broke up before the wedding. It’s worth mentioning that Kaleb and Muriel also got engaged, didn’t participate in the recordings, but joined the reunion.

Vanessa and Leonardo became the favorite couple of the season. They showed a strong connection and got married. Even almost a year later, since the recordings were last year, they are still together. Kaleb and Muriel got married right after their peers, in a private ceremony, and are also living the married life.

Alexandre and Renata did not break up, contrary to speculation. However, they are in a label-free and non-monogamous relationship and live in separate houses. Nonetheless, they are still together.

Ingrid and Leandro split up despite the “yes” at the altar. They shared concerns about financial issues and Leandro’s family, and are no longer together.

Finally, despite intending to continue dating, Patrick and Marília ended their relationship. The two charmed Netflix subscribers until the end when some tensions began to arise. Their decision to say “not yet” was unprecedented, although other couples have tried to continue dating even after a “no.”

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