Ariela catches Evandro calling Ex ‘Love’ on his phone, accuses him of a Set-Up, and abandons fiance

Ariela catches Evandro calling Ex 'Love' on his phone

In the 4th season of ‘Love is Blind Brazil,’ the couples moved in together to live out the experiment in an apartment and got their phones back. However, Ariela was not pleased to see her future husband calling an ex-fling ‘love’ right on the day he was supposed to be confined on the show.

Netflix has just released new episodes of the fourth season of “Love is Blind: Brazil” and reveals a lot of controversy that is coming. After episodes of fatphobia and aesthetic pressure among the participants, they left their honeymoon in southern Brazil to experience life together in an apartment in São Paulo. In addition to returning to real life, the contestants also got their phones back, which caused quite a fight between one pair.

Ariela Catches Compromising Conversation on Evandro’s Phone Before Confinement

The only couple who hadn’t had sex during the honeymoon, Evandro and Ariela, had a clash when they got their phones back. The event planner caught a message on her fiancé’s phone where he called an ex-fling “love” on the very day he was supposed to be confined on “Love is Blind 4.”

“Coming to ‘Love is Blind’ while having a relationship with someone else? Hello,” complained Ariela, hearing from Evandro that the compromising conversation was something from the past. “On the day you were coming here, you had a conversation calling her ‘love.’ You said there was no connection, so why call her ‘love’?” questioned the businesswoman.

Ariela Leaves Evandro in the Apartment

Evandro, accused of abandoning his first child and domestic violence by ex-wives, justified himself by saying he had “more of a friendship than anything else” with the ex-fling. “I swear,” he added. “You had someone out there, and you came here to do what? Oh, for God’s sake! Don’t take me for a fool. You came to get married, not to play around,” responded Ariela, accusing him of making a deal with another woman before participating in the show.

Ariela decided to leave the apartment, leaving a farewell letter and her ring on the paper. However, she returned the next day to explain to Evandro the reason for her “explosion.” The businesswoman justified that she had suffered a lot in the past from lies and therefore valued the truth so much.

“I am very much about speaking my truth, we agreed on that. I have the feeling that if I am honest, you won’t understand. I just don’t want you to explode. I am asking you,” he said, asking if she was willing to continue. In response, Ariela agreed to give the engagement a second chance. “Only he and I know what we went through in the pods,” she explained to the production.

Will the couple overcome this issue and say “yes” at the altar?

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