Love is Blind 4: Patrick Undergoes Hair Transplant After “Bald-shaming”

Patrick Undergoes Hair Transplant After "Bald-shaming"

Marked by his use of a cap during the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil due to being bald, Patrick underwent a hair transplant.

The latest episodes of the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil premiered on Netflix this Wednesday (7/3) and featured new scenes of Patrick Ribeiro wearing a cap. Notably remembered for the controversy surrounding “bald-shaming” on the show, he underwent a hair transplant in São Paulo.

According to information from Portal Leo Dias, he underwent the procedure at Human Clinic on Wednesday afternoon, with Dr. Renan Brigante responsible for his new look.

It’s worth noting that Patrick claimed to have faced prejudice during the reality show for being bald. Additionally, he mentioned that he didn’t have the money for the transplant, despite boasting about having “three cars in the garage” during the initial conversation phase in the pods.

On Instagram, he also mentioned that he will hold a “baldness reveal party” at the reunion of the season. Check out his instagrama here.

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