Ex of Evandro from Love is Blind Brazil 4 Responds: “Coward Without His Word”

Evandro Pinto love is blind 4

Evandro Pinto, a contestant from Love is Blind, published a statement rebutting claims made by his ex-partner, Luana Mendes. This prompted a furious response from Mendes on X (formerly Twitter), where she accused him of lying and described his statement as “shameless” and “filthy.”

Initially, Luana said she was not in a state to speak. However, she soon responded, expressing her anger at the situation. “So many lies! I want to see the proof you have. Because I have a lot, and witnesses for everything,” she declared. “You posted a shameless, filthy note and restricted comments when I started to refute all the lies.”

She went on to challenge the information provided by Evandro’s lawyer. “Explain how this process for regularization in 2023 happened only because I found out you lied in your divorce process, claiming I received 300.00 in child support and that the support for your daughters had to be reduced. And shockingly, I never received a single real! Not even a phone call, let alone money,” she emphasized.

As she did before, Luana posted screenshots of her conversations with Evandro, this time only showing the messages she sent, as there were no responses from him. She mentioned that despite Evandro later discussing their son Gustavo, now 12, on the show, “it doesn’t change the fact that you abandoned him,” claiming this abandonment started during her pregnancy. “When I begged for help, you didn’t help at all.”

Luana also criticized Evandro’s behavior online. “First, Evandro denied the information, then he admitted it and asked for forgiveness, saying he is now a father. Now, he invents depression and other excuses… it raises the question of why I didn’t accept an informal agreement; he is a coward without his word,” she condemned.

Finally, Luana explained the origin of the lawsuit mentioned by Evandro. “I just found out that the lawsuit he mentioned was filed in 2023, right after the end of the reality show recordings. It seems that Ariela discovered he has another child and a girlfriend. Sorry for the spoiler,” she detailed, adding that she felt “humiliated” and “neglected” after asking for help during her pregnancy, postpartum period, when her son was three months old, and in 2019 to get his passport.

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