Vivi Wanderley: Who is the Billionaire Influencer who dated Juliano Floss?

Vivi Wanderley

The former couple was together for 2 years and announced their separation at the end of 2023.

Vivi Wanderley’s name became one of the most talked-about topics in Brazil on social media after Marina Sena publicly confirmed her relationship with Juliano Floss. The reason? The influencer is the dancer’s ex and was once a close friend of the singer.

Some even accused Marina of “betraying” Vivi, given their past friendship, and harshly criticized the artist’s actions.

But who exactly is Vivi Wanderley? Currently, she has over 14 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her content as a digital influencer.

Additionally, she has launched a singing career, amassing up to 900,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with her song “Playground” being the most listened to.

Billionaire Inheritance

Vivi Wanderley was born in April 2001 in Miami, United States, the daughter of Saulo Wanderley Filho and influencer Daniele Aguiar. One of the most famous facts about Vivi’s life is her enormous billion-dollar inheritance, left by her great-uncle Walduck Wanderley, who founded the construction company Cowan.

Among her assets, she owns a private island in Angra dos Reis and frequently shares photos enjoying the location.

Breakup with Juliano

Juliano and Vivi became one of the most beloved couples among young TikTok fans but ended their relationship at the end of 2023 with an announcement on Instagram.

“Out of respect for all the fans of our relationship, I want to say that Ju and I are no longer together. We did everything we could to make it work because our love for each other is very strong, but feelings alone can’t sustain a relationship. I only wish him the best,” the influencer said at the time.
“Two years is not two months. I ask for your understanding and respect because this is a tough time for both of us. Thank you,” she concluded.

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