Who is Vanessa Ataídes – Brazilian Bodybuilder with biggest buttocks

Dj Vanessa Ataides

Vanessa Ataídes is a brazilian bodybuilder, DJ and Model. She was born in Brasília, and is 38 year old in 2024. She is famous for having charming buttocks as she holds the title for the largest buttocks in Brazil. As of now, her butt size is 126cm (50 inches).

As per the recent interview with her, she is working with a high-calorie diet aiming to set a world record for the largest buttocks. If diet and exercise aren’t enough, she plans to undergo more aesthetic procedures and replace her gluteal implants. “I want to achieve this title and shock the world with a buttocks measuring over 250 cm (98 inches),” she said.

Vanessa Ataides
Vanessa Ataides

Vanessa’s commitment to this goal is unwavering. She intends to reach an astounding 250 cm by 2024 and hopes to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Her dedication includes intense training and a carefully planned diet.

She shared that her unique physique often leads to discomfort and embarrassment, especially in confined spaces like airplane seats. She described how her hips encroach on neighboring seats, making her feel self-conscious.

“Unfortunately, this is something that bothers me a bit because my butt is always taking up a part of the seat next to me,” Vanessa explained. “I think airplane seats should be a little bigger because they are very narrow. It seems like they are made only for thin people.” The DJ and model often finds herself apologizing to fellow passengers as her curves spill into their space. Despite this, she is determined to increase the size of her buttocks even further.

High Investment in Aesthetic Procedures

Vanessa has invested heavily in her body, equating the cost of her aesthetic enhancements to the price of an apartment. She openly discusses her beauty regimen and the importance of self-care in her life. Known for her healthy lifestyle, Vanessa maintains regular Botox treatments, skin cleansing, and uses products aimed at rejuvenating her skin.

“The process of building my self-esteem began when I realized I needed to do something that made me feel good, not for others. I needed to look in the mirror and feel like the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world,” Vanessa shared. She reflected on how she has changed over the years and feels much better about her appearance now.

Fitness and Diet Regimen

For over 15 years, Vanessa’s life has revolved around maintaining her curves. Her rigorous fitness routine includes working out her buttocks and legs four times a week, upper body twice, and stretching once. She follows a high-calorie diet to build muscle mass, particularly aiming to increase the size of her buttocks.

“My day only starts after my workout. It’s a priority! I try to gain weight, but quality weight, muscle weight,” she explained.

Handling Social Media and Criticism

With 650,000 followers on Instagram, Vanessa shares her lifestyle, from travel and fashion to workouts. Despite facing criticism for her physical choices, she remains confident and content. “I know I’m different from the societal beauty standards, but I love myself and am very happy,” she said. “When you understand that you don’t have to live to please anyone but yourself, you start living better and happier.”

Vanessa faces daily prejudice but takes pride in her curves. She believes that those who criticize are often unhappy themselves. “The problem isn’t me, but in those who judge me for my choices. A happy person doesn’t worry about others’ lives. You don’t have to find it beautiful, but those who stop to criticize are unhappy,” she concluded.

Vanessa Ataídes continues to pursue her goals with determination and resilience, proving that self-love and confidence are key to happiness.

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