Social media profiles of the participants in “Love is Blind Brazil 4”

participants in "Love is Blind Brazil 4"

Love is Blind Brazil is back with its 4th season: A Fresh Start, which is scheduled to premieres on June 19, 2024 in Netflix, featuring divorced individuals on a journey to find love again.

And this time, the participants are not just looking for love, but for a new chance to fall in love. The cast of “Love is Blind Brazil 4” consists exclusively of people who have been married before and want to believe in love again.

In the reality show, the participants are isolated and need to find their spouses through pods that completely separate them. After the proposal, they go into the real world to discover if the feelings developed blindly match the physical attraction.

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To get to know the participants of the 4th season of “Love is Blind Brazil” better, I spent a lot of time searching for the social media profiles of the singles so you can browse and satisfy your curiosity. Check them out below:

Social media profiles of all participants of Love is Blind Brazil 4

Alexandre Thomaz, 34 years old, Entrepreneur, from São Paulo/SP

His Instagram

Ariela Carasso, 34 years old, Events Director, from São Paulo/SP

Her instagram (some thousands followers)

Evandro Pinto, 35 years old, Personal Security and Trader, from São Paulo/SP

His instagram (less than 1000 followers)

Gabriel Kaled, 31 years old, Economist, from Magé/RJ

His instagram (almost 10k followers)

Ingrid Santa Rita, 33 years old, Architect, from Osasco/SP

Her instagram (16k followers)

Leandro Marçal, 32 years old, Personal Trainer, from São Paulo/SP

His instagram (some 5K followers)

Leonardo Plácido, 34 years old, Lawyer, from Santos/SP

His instagram (3k followers)

Marcia Ishimoto, 34 years old, Event Promoter, from São Paulo/SP

Her instagram (20k+, doing well)

Marília Pinheiro, 37 years old, Banker, from São Paulo/SP

Her instagram (some 2k followers only)

Muriel de Aquino Silva, 36 years old, Sales Executive, from Salvador/BA

Her instagram (3k followers)

Patrick Ribeiro, 32 years old, Traffic Manager, from São Paulo/SP

His instagram (almost 20k, very cool)

Renata Giaffredo, 33 years old, Lawyer, from São Paulo/SP

Her instagram (only hundreds of followers, come on)

Rodrigo Knoeller, 40 years old, Marketing Manager, from Guarujá/SP

His instagram (2.3k followers)

Vanessa Kurashiki, 33 years old, Lawyer, from Santos/SP

Her instagram (1.6k followers)

Click to check their updates on instagram. All counts of followers are based on today when this post is published. Hopefully they can find their new valentines in the show. What do you think?

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