Rock in Rio 2024 – WADE


Wade emerged as a unique phenomenon in the global electronic music scene. Originating from Dos Hermanas, Seville, and influenced early on by the flamenco rhythms of his region, he achieved exceptional notoriety as one of the world’s leading DJs in just four years. His unique style, rooted in tech house, blends elements from Hip Hop to the most intense techno.

With a meteoric career, Wade has garnered recognition from both the public and the music industry, winning awards and securing top positions on major streaming platforms. His shows, marked by a percussive vibe and a rollercoaster of emotions, captivate crowds at festivals and clubs around the world.



He won the award for Best Hispanic-American Tech House Artist.


His tracks feature strong percussion and beats that stand out from the norm.


He has collaborated with major names like David Guetta, Joel Corry, and Solardo.

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