Rock in Rio 2024 – VICTOR XAMÃ


Victor Xamã is a rapper and music producer from Manaus who has gained significant prominence in the national hip hop scene with his lyrics that celebrate the culture of Northern Brazil. His deep voice and dark beats are his trademarks. With over 10 years in the industry, the MC debuted with the album Janela in 2015 and is now reaping the benefits of his latest release, the album Garcia (2023).

Garcia is inspired by the rapper’s life and dedication, and it honors the journey of Helena, the artist’s mother, who graces the album cover. Praised by critics and embraced by fans, this album has established Victor Xamã as one of the most promising musicians in national rap, contributing to the genre’s expansion and diversification in the country.



The song “Coral e Cascavel,” in collaboration with Murica, has already garnered over a million plays on Spotify.


His album Garcia features special guests such as Makalister, Karen Francis, Luedji Luna, VND and Big Bllakk, Matheus Coringa, and many more.


Artists like Emicida and Xamã have praised his work. On his official X account, Xamã wrote: “I am the second-best Xamã in Brazil. The first is Victor.”

Check complete Rock in Rio 2024 lineup here.

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