Rock in Rio 2024 – VICTOR LOU


Victor Lou began his career around 2015, proposing his unique sound, which has now become an international reference. Authentic, consistent, atypical, and unmistakable, the artist participates in social causes and carries out actions for the environment and food collection.

Empathetic and aware of his influence, Victor Lou relentlessly pursues his evolution. With hits like “Diu Diu Lai,” “Untitled,” and “Remote Control,” which showcase a more conceptual side of the artist, Victor confirms his immense rise. A reference in the “desande” movement and more recently in “techno,” Lou spares no effort to reinvent himself with every song and performance.



He has performed at some of the top clubs in Brazil and the world, such as Surreal, Laroc, and Privilege.


He has over 17 million plays on Spotify.


Besides music, Victor Lou has also launched his own clothing line.

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