Rock in Rio 2024 – TRIBUTE TO ALCIONE


Alcione, known as “A Marrom,” receives an emotional tribute as she celebrates 50 years of her illustrious career. Having begun her journey in the 1970s, her powerful voice has become synonymous with masterful interpretations of samba, bolero, and MPB. Now, prominent figures from these genres come together to honor her.



The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra is one of the most important and traditional orchestras in Brazil. Renowned for its artistic excellence, the OSB has collaborated with many esteemed national and international musicians.


A singer and songwriter, Diogo is the son of the legendary sambista João Nogueira. Beginning his career in 2007, he has emerged as one of the leading figures in contemporary samba, releasing successful albums and winning numerous awards, including Latin Grammys.


A celebrated singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Mart’nália is the daughter of sambista Martinho da Vila. Her career is marked by musical versatility, excelling in samba, MPB, and jazz. She has won several awards, such as the Latin Grammy, and is known for her talent and charisma on stage.


Born in 1995 in Juazeiro, Bahia, Majur is a singer and songwriter whose music blends influences from samba, MPB, and regional rhythms like afrobeat. She stands out as one of the most promising voices of the new generation of Brazilian music.


A renowned Brazilian singer, songwriter, and music producer, Péricles is known for his work with the group Exaltasamba and his subsequent solo career. As one of the leading figures in contemporary pagode, he possesses a distinctive voice and unique style that have made him a genre icon.


An acclaimed singer, Maria Rita is the daughter of the legendary Elis Regina and pianist César Camargo Mariano. She carries an impressive musical legacy, with a career marked by a blend of styles such as MPB, samba, and jazz, earning her various awards and international recognition.

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