Rock in Rio 2024 – OlodumBaiana


OlodumBaiana is the historic meeting of two icons from Bahia: Olodum and Baiana System. Olodum, an Afro-bloco and band since 1979, is renowned for its vibrant samba-reggae beat. The group plays a significant role in promoting Afro-Brazilian culture and fighting against racism. Olodum gained international recognition through collaborations with artists like Michael Jackson and Jimmy Cliff. Beyond music, the organization runs social and educational projects within the community.

BaianaSystem, founded in 2009 in Salvador, Bahia, is known for its innovative fusion of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, such as samba-reggae, with electronic and dub music. Led by Russo Passapusso, the band addresses social and cultural issues in its lyrics. They gained prominence with albums like “Duas Cidades” (2016), which received critical acclaim and numerous awards. BaianaSystem is celebrated for its energetic performances and for revitalizing Brazilian music.



Witness the unforgettable performance of two Bahian icons together.


Olodum created “Samba-Reggae,” a genre that has influenced all of Brazilian music.


BaianaSystem has won multiple awards for the best show in Brazil.

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