Rock in Rio 2024 – MC DRICKA


Fernanda Adrielli, better known as MC Dricka, was born in Vila Nova Cachoeirinha in São Paulo and had a challenging childhood marked by difficulties with her mother’s acceptance. Moving to Sergipe, she first encountered music by joining a local church choir, sparking her interest and learning to play instruments like the flute and guitar. Her artistic journey began when she won a singing contest at a famous funk record label, but she faced hardships, including dropping out of school and dealing with contractual and personal issues that led to a period of depression and instability.

Amid these challenges, Fernanda worked various jobs to support herself and finally gained recognition in the funk world by releasing the hit “Empurra Empurra” in 2019. This sudden success catapulted her career, making her one of the pioneers of the mandelão rhythm in the outskirts of São Paulo and paving the way for other female MCs in funk. With full control over her career, she released successful EPs, gained international recognition, and was acknowledged for her contributions to gender equity in music.



MC Dricka brings representation to funk as a Black artist from a humble background and the LGBTQIAP+ community.


She has several hits, including “Empurra Empurra,” “Nós Tem um Charme que é da Hora,” and “Mandrake.”


She was the only Brazilian artist nominated for the BET Awards 2021, one of the most prestigious awards for Afro-descendants.

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