Rock in Rio 2024 – Luiz Otávio

Luiz Otávio

The keyboardist and cavaquinho player of Mart’nália’s band, Luiz Otávio, has been standing out not only for his musical versatility but also for his captivating voice. The project “Essa maré,” born from a suggestion by singer Mart’nália, reflects the musical influence from Luiz Otávio’s childhood in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and his journey to becoming a recognized musician. With a sound that blends soul, samba, ballad, MPB, pop, and a touch of funk and rap, the album features three reinterpretations and four original compositions by the artist, reflecting his experience and passion for music.

In addition to the diversified sound, Luiz Otávio’s lyrics explore love in its various forms, from carefree flirtation to passionate declaration. The partnership with talented musicians and Mart’nália’s presence on one of the tracks showcase the quality and musical richness of the “Essa maré” project, which marks a new chapter in the artist’s career and reveals his ability to create engaging and meaningful music for the audience.



Luiz Otávio recently played with Marcelo D2 and also with Martinho da Vila and Elza Soares.


In his second album, “Essa Maré,” Luiz Otávio explores love in various melodic forms.


Fun fact! In his composing method, he always writes the lyrics based on the melody, seeking the words that fit best with those notes.

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