Rock in Rio 2024 – Katú Mirim

Katú Mirim

Katú Mirim is a rapper, songwriter, actress, and activist for indigenous causes. Adopted at 11 months old by a non-indigenous couple from the outskirts of São Paulo, she reconnected with her roots when she met her biological indigenous father, Boe Bororo, at the age of 13. This relationship has been expressed through her art, particularly in her music.

Katú is known for her lyrics that, through rap and rock, retell the story of colonization from an indigenous perspective and raise issues such as land demarcation, indigenous people in urban contexts, the recovery of ancestral heritage, and the indiscriminate use of indigenous culture, among other important topics.

With a revolutionary approach, her second album, Cura, aims to transcend the narrative of native artistic expressions with a unique vision of struggle and suffering. She seeks to introduce elements of happiness, celebration, and the reconstruction of stories according to her singular perspective.



She was the first Brazilian indigenous person to grace the cover of ELLE Brazil, perform at CBLOL Brazil, and feature on the Canadian indigenous radio CBC Reclameid.


In 2017, she gained notoriety when a video with the hashtag #indionaoefantasia went viral, denouncing the misuse of indigenous customs out of context.


Her song “Cura” features the indigenous rapper Taboo, a member of the band Black Eyed Peas.

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