Rock in Rio 2024 – JetLag


JetLag is a Brazilian electronic music duo composed of the talented DJs Paulo Velloso and Thiago Mansur. Their rise to fame came in 2017 with the release of their remix of Ana Vilela’s “Trem Bala,” which garnered millions of plays across various music platforms.

Since then, the duo has performed at renowned music festivals worldwide, collaborated with major artists, and even created the first electronic music bloco for São Paulo’s Carnival, attracting a crowd of over 500,000 people.



JetLag has performed at the most prestigious electronic music venues and festivals around the globe.


Dubbed “Brazilian Superstar Duo” by New York Magazine, a title that has almost become their second name.


They have worked with notable artists like Anitta, Alok, Vintage Culture, Frejat, and Luan Santana.

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