Rock in Rio 2024 – JÃO


The biggest male name in Brazilian pop is Jão. He is on his fourth album and has already earned Gold, Platinum, and Diamond certifications for his albums and singles. “SUPER” is the name of his latest release, marking the end of a cycle, following a mega tour and the success of “PIRATA.”

Since the beginning of his career, he has captivated audiences with his unique style and striking compositions, portraying his youth by singing about love, heartbreak, betrayal, revenge, dreams, and achievements.



With “Pirata,” he garnered 4 million views on the day of its release and is now the 9th biggest star of all time on Spotify Brazil.


He regards Cazuza as a major inspiration and, after a tribute to him at Rock in Rio 2022, he received some of Cazuza’s unreleased lyrics from Cazuza’s mother.


Jão has been creating stages and true spectacles in his live performances, which always amaze the audience.

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