Rock in Rio 2024 – GLORIA GROOVE


With her impressive vocal power, Gloria Groove has captivated audiences since she was 7 years old when she began her career. Daniel, her real name, started as a child singer, acted in soap operas, musical theater, and dubbing until 2015, when she launched her career as a drag queen the following year.

Her first album was hip-hop, but she made a name for herself in pop music in 2018 with the single “Bumbum de Ouro.” Her album “Lady Leste” was a huge success in 2021, and in 2022, she took her tour to Europe. Her latest album, “Futuro Fluxo,” reached the top of the most listened-to list in Brazil.


With her album “Lady Leste,” she earned a triple platinum record with 500 million streams, becoming the most-listened-to drag queen in the world.


Gloria has 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 11 million followers on social media.


She has collaborated with major artists such as Ludmilla, IZA, Anitta, Pabllo Vittar, Linn da Quebrada, and many others.

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