Rock in Rio 2024 – FUNDO DE QUINTAL


Fundo de Quintal is an iconic Brazilian samba group that originated in the 1970s from the lively samba circles of the Cacique de Ramos carnival bloco. Over the years, the group has established itself as one of the greatest references in the genre, especially in pagode, and is admired and respected for its contribution to Brazilian popular music for over 45 years. Their legacy includes not only musical hits but also the influence and support they have given to various talents who have become important figures in the samba scene, such as Jorge Aragão, Sombrinha, Almir Guineto, Arlindo Cruz, and others.

From the first beat of the tantã, the hand repique, and the tambourine, everyone knows they are about to hear samba of the highest quality. Fundo de Quintal’s impact goes beyond the stage and extends into the digital universe, where they maintain a strong presence with millions of views on their YouTube channel and a considerable base of monthly listeners on streaming platforms. However, it is on stage where the group truly showcases their essence, with talented members like Bira Presidente, Sereno, Ademir Batera, Marcio Alexandre, and Junior Itaguaí, each contributing their unique skills and distinctive personalities, solidifying Fundo de Quintal as the main reference in samba and a living celebration of Brazilian musical culture.



Fundo de Quintal is part of samba history, immortalizing anthems like “O show tem que continuar,” “Vou festejar,” and “Nosso grito,” among many others.


Born in the cradle of samba, Fundo de Quintal translates Rio de Janeiro into their music, representing Brazil both inside and outside the country.


The group has won numerous awards, including nine Sharp awards (the most important in Brazilian popular music).

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