Rock in Rio 2024 – CUROL X BARJA


Curol is a Brazilian DJ specializing in Afro House who has become one of the most listened-to artists in the world. She was the first woman from Brazil to release a single on the renowned Beatport platform and even reached the number one position.

Barja is a composer, singer, DJ, producer, and host, one of the leading female figures in the Brazilian electronic scene. Her sets are always innovative, unique, and impactful, telling a story that spans House Music, Indie Dance, and Techno.

Together, they will deliver a performance that will exceed their fans’ expectations. Their unique set promises to be historic.



Two of Brazil’s top DJs in a collaborative and memorable performance.


Curol and Barja are successful on dance floors worldwide.


As references in different segments, they will explore the main branches of House and other genres.

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