Rock in Rio 2024 – BRISA FLOW


Brisa de La Cordillera, also known as Brisa Flow, is a multifaceted artist from the Sabará favela in Minas Gerais. Her earthy music blends rap with influences from ancestral chants, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul, reflecting her worldly experiences and challenging coloniality through her art as a singer, music producer, performer, and researcher. As the daughter of Araucanian artisans, she is dedicated to researching and advocating for contemporary Indigenous music and rap as tools to combat epistemicide, highlighting hip hop as an urban quilombo that revives original roots and memories.

In addition to her role as an arts educator with a degree in Music and an MC in hip hop culture, Brisa Flow uses her music as an encounter with Earth’s energies, exploring artistic aesthetics that weave together memories and future origins. Her creative approach transcends traditional boundaries, forging liberating paths that untie the chains of coloniality and reaffirm the importance of connection with nature and ancestry within the urban environment.



Daughter of Chilean artisans of Indigenous origin, this rapper sings about love and exalts Indigenous warriors.


Brisa Flow mixes rap with ancestral chants, jazz, electronic, and neo-soul, along with songs from previous albums.


Among Brisa’s musical influences are Mercedes Sosa, Violeta Parra, Racionais, Lauryn Hill, and Tupac.

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