Rock in Rio 2024 – Bhaskar


Bhaskar is a DJ, producer, and artist who has emerged as a pivotal figure in the evolution of electronic music in Brazil. His musical legacy runs deep, being the son of renowned DJs Swarup and Ekanta. From a young age, Bhaskar has been captivating audiences in Brazil and around the world, amassing a solid global fan base.

His music transcends conventional standards, blending futuristic elements of Tech House with the organic purity of Progressive, Techno, and Deep House. Melodic and profound influences are present in his creations, reflecting a unique musical personality.



With “Infinity,” he has achieved over 350 million streams, and with “Fuego,” he surpassed 283 million.


He has worked with big names such as Vintage Culture, Meca, and his brother Alok.


Among other projects, he launched “Follow The Sun,” featuring performances at sunrise.

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