Rock in Rio 2024 – Almério e Martins

Almério e Martins

Almério and Martins are talented singers and songwriters from Pernambuco, known for their ability to craft poetry with the rich sounds of regional music. With their distinctive voices and inspiring compositions, they have garnered even more admirers after joining forces for the live show and album, “Almério & Martins,” recorded in Recife.

Almério released “Desempena” and won the Brazilian Music Award in 2018 in the Revelation Singer category, also earning a nomination for Best Singer. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2020 with “Acaso Casa,” a collaboration with Mariene de Castro, and recently released the album “Tudo é Amor,” a tribute to Cazuza.

Martins, who has been part of the bands Sagarana and Marsa, celebrates eleven years of his career and released his first solo work, a self-titled album, in 2019. He is signed with Deck Disc, a label associated with artists like Alceu Valença and Elza Soares. Recently, his works have been recorded by Ney Matogrosso and Simone. Complementing each other, Almério with his power and Martins with his subtlety sing about love, life, and existence.



Both artists have songs featured in the soundtrack of the soap opera “Renascer.” Almério performs a duet with Maria Bethânia on “Quero Você,” while Martins is the voice behind “Jardim da Fantasia.”


In their show, the duo presents their original works as well as songs by artists who have influenced their careers, such as Alceu Valença and Caetano Veloso.


The partnership between this duo is longstanding! Besides sharing the stage on numerous occasions, they recorded the album “Ao Vivo No Parque” together, released in 2021. Pure synergy!

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