Renata from Love Is Blind Brazil 4 is not really a Lawyer? Columnist exposes Inconsistency in her Professional Registration

Renata from Love Is Blind Brazil 4 is not really a Lawyer

The most controversial participant from “Love Is Blind: Brazil”, Renata is stirring up trouble outside the reality show with inconsistencies in her professional registration.

Another controversy from “Love Is Blind: Brazil” has emerged outside the show! Once again, the scandal involves participant Renata Giaffredo. Columnist Fábia Oliveira discovered an inconsistency regarding Renata’s profession. Let’s understand the confusion!

Is Renata a Lawyer?

When she introduced herself on “Love Is Blind: Brazil 4” Renata Giaffredo claimed to be a lawyer. However, columnist Fábia Oliveira searched for her registration in the National Register of Lawyers (which holds the repository of all lawyers’ registrations in Brazil) and found no information about Renata having the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association), the main credential required to practice law. In fact, there is only an intern’s card with the status “canceled.” It is important to note that to practice law, one must have an OAB certification, even if they have a law degree.

Old Internship

Columnist Gabriel Perline also conducted research and found that there is indeed a certification for Renata in the OAB. However, it is an old registration from years ago when she was still a law student. Her certification was only valid while she was an intern. Thus, when she completed her degree and stopped working as an intern, the OAB had to cancel her registration. She would need to re-register and pass the bar exam again but has not managed to obtain the OAB. Therefore, theoretically, Renata Giaffredo cannot practice as a lawyer.

Both Fábia Oliveira and Gabriel Perline tried to contact Renata Giaffredo but received no response!

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