Desperate Lies: Meet the Characters from the Netflix Soap Opera

Pedaço de Mim - desperate lies

The soap opera Desperate Lies (originally in Portuguese: Pedaço de Mim) premieres this Friday (7/5) with Juliana Paes as the lead.

Desperate Lies hit the Netflix catalog this Friday (7/5). The soap opera, also dubbed a melodrama by the streaming service, features Juliana Paes as the protagonist and a story full of mysteries, crimes, and dilemmas.

Pedaço de Mim - desperate lies, cast members
cast of Desperate Lies

In the plot, Liana becomes pregnant by two different men at the same time and must make decisions that could haunt her for the rest of her life, while also hiding some secrets to move forward. To know the details of the story, you’ll need to watch, but we help you get to know each character. Check it out!

Liana (Juliana Paes)

The protagonist of the story, she is an occupational therapist, married to Tomás (Vladimir Brichta), and dreams of becoming a mother. When she finally gets pregnant, she is shocked to find out: she’s having twins, but with two different fathers.

Tomás (Vladimir Brichta)

A lawyer, he is married to Liana and works at his father Jonas’s (Antonio Grassi) firm. An avid cyclist, he finds more than just the joy of biking with the group he usually trains with. Like his wife, he will need to make decisions and keep secrets that could destroy their family.

Oscar (Felipe Abib)

The main villain of the plot, he is the brother of Liana’s best friend, Débora (Martha Nowill). A wannabe entrepreneur, he is a playboy who uses and abuses his father’s money and connections to get out of the troubles he creates.

Débora (Martha Nowill)

Oscar’s sister, she is his great accomplice and defends him in everything she can. On the other hand, she is also Liana’s best friend and business partner, but this friendship will be at risk because of a big secret.

Silvia (Palomma Duarte)

A doctor, she is Tomás’s sister and will discover that Liana is pregnant by two different men at the same time. While dealing with her brother’s family conflicts, she also tries to find love while taking care of her son, Inácio (Vitor Valle), who suffers from vision problems.

Inácio (Vitor Valle)

Silvia’s son, the young teenager suffers from vision loss and undergoes some treatments with Liana.

Vicente (João Vitti)

A doctor, he is an old colleague of Silvia, and the two end up reconnecting and giving love a chance. In parallel, he is the doctor who discovers Liana’s rare pregnancy case.

Norma (Jussara Freire)

Liana’s mother, she is a woman still grieving the death of her youngest son — a car accident victim — and doesn’t celebrate her daughter’s achievements.

Jonas (Antonio Grassi)

Tomás and Silvia’s father, he is a powerful lawyer who finds himself cornered when his son threatens to leave his firm if he continues to take on cases involving Oscar and Débora’s family.

Olinda (Analu Prestes)

Tomás and Silvia’s mother, she is married to Jonas and is part of the main family unit in the story.

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