Participant of “Love Is Blind” Says She Felt “Manipulated” and “Deceived”

Ariela Carasso

Ariela Carasso opened up about the events shown in the latest episodes of the reality show.

Ariela Carasso, 34, a participant in the fourth season of “Love Is Blind Brazil,” took to social media on Monday (1st) to vent about the events shown in the episodes of the show released on Netflix last Wednesday (26th). She said she felt deceived and manipulated within the reality show.

“They affected me a lot. I needed to take care of my emotional health, and I’m here because I want to share moments between me and Evandro that weren’t shown. Inside the pods, I talked to him about my past relationships, about my ex-husband’s last infidelity with a former friend of mine. (…) I also shared that the most important person in my life is my daughter. I talked about my daughter’s relationship with her father, which is nonexistent. (…) Obviously, these are trigger points in my life,” she began.

“After all that wasn’t shown to you, several things happened. First, regarding his paternal abandonment. It’s not about him having another child; that’s not a problem. It was more about the 12 years of abandonment. And also about bringing this issue up later in the show. His unresolved issues outside the show with someone, after several of my questions, after he talked about other participants on the show. Every time I was questioned by some participants that I wasn’t telling the truth and that Evandro hadn’t commented about the guys,” she continued.

“Inside, I felt extremely deceived and manipulated by all these occurrences,” she stated.

In the video, Ariela talked about the importance of the relationship between father and child to her and said that Evandro’s relationship with his children triggered her.

“With the two girls, Evandro, all the time we were together, I only saw one call from him to them. So this really affected my emotional state. I reached my limit. I really ended up overreacting at various moments, which are the moments they show you. I really shouldn’t have overreacted with some people there, and I apologize for that, but I was at my emotional limit because of all these events and deceptions.”

The event producer revealed that she sought psychological help after the show’s filming ended a year ago: “I’m in therapy and dealing with all my traumas.”

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