Netflix’s reality show about trap and rap will feature appearances from big names in music

Netflix musical reality show "Nova cena"

Netflix musical reality show “Nova cena” will discover talents in trap and rap in Brazil.

Negra Li, Marcelo D2, and KL Jay from Racionais MC’s will be guests on the Netflix reality show “Nova cena” (literally translated: new scene), which will uncover talents in trap and rap.

This is the first Brazilian music reality show on the platform of Netflix. Rapper Kamau will host the show, and the judging panel will consist of Djonga, Filipe Ret, and the sister duo Tasha & Tracie.

There will be 18 contestants. The winner of the show will receive R$ 500,000 and will also make an appearance in the fifth season of “Sintonia.” The direction is by Cacá Marcondes, Fábio Ock, and Maristela Mattos.

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