Netflix slammed after Ingrid’s serious allegations on Love is Blind Brazil 4

Ingrid Santa Rita

Netflix faced criticism for how it handled the reunion of the 4th season of Love is Blind, which featured Ingrid’s harrowing account.

Ingrid Santa Rita’s account of her relationship with Leandro Marçal during the reunion of Love is Blind 4, aired on Wednesday (July 10), caused a strong reaction on social media. Netflix, the producer of the reality show, was criticized for its handling of the topic, which was considered a trigger for many people.

On the show, Ingrid suggested that she was a victim of sexual abuse by Leandro, whom she married in the final episode of the reality show. She claims that he wanted to resolve his erectile dysfunction on his own due to “ego” and attempted to manage the relationship in a “dirty” way.

“On the day my daughters found me on the floor having a panic attack, begging you for God’s sake not to touch my body, I asked you not to touch me. I asked more than once, Leandro, for you not to touch me, and you didn’t respect me. You didn’t listen to me. You wanted to solve your erectile problem by yourself. It was your ego. It was your lies. Because you only wanted to maintain that marriage in your dirty and filthy way,” said Ingrid, crying.

Netflix receives criticism

On X, formerly Twitter, users claimed that Netflix mishandled Ingrid’s disclosure. After her statement, both she and Leandro left the reunion, and the hosts did not address the issue further.

“The more we think about it at home, the more we realize how BADLY Netflix handled Ingrid’s allegation during the Love is Blind 4 reunion. Horrible!” said one user on X.

“Thinking about the Love is Blind situation: the editing goes through many people, and Netflix has a legal team. I’ve heard several people say that the show is filmed a year before it airs. How did no one know about this at the time? How did they let it air?” pointed out another.

A third user said, “I don’t understand Netflix airing this reunion with Ingrid’s statements as if it’s entertainment. If a crime occurred, it shouldn’t be resolved on TV, but in court. I’m deeply disturbed by what I watched.”

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