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Mania de Você

Understanding the Plot of the Next Prime-Time Soap Opera of Globo: “Mania de Você” by João Emanuel Carneiro with Artistic Direction by Carlos Araújo. The novela features Agatha Moreira, Gabz, Nicolas Prattes, and Chay Suede

Who was eagerly waiting for another telenovela by João Emanuel Carneiro? Well, it’s time to celebrate. Here comes “Mania de Você (in English: Craze for you)” the next prime-time soap opera penned by the creator of hits like “Avenida Brasil” and “Todas as Flores.”

Filled with romance, drama, mystery, adventure, and touches of humor, the storyline is directed by Carlos Araújo and stars Agatha Moreira, Gabz, Nicolas Prattes, and Chay Suede. Agatha and Gabz have even attended a culinary workshop—a key aspect of their characters.

“It’s a story about the lives of two women who, at times, are friends and at other times become enemies. This drives the narrative of the four protagonists and the characters connected to them,” says Carneiro. “These life encounters become ‘mania,’ or obsessions. But it’s also a story about universal themes like love and power.”

Here is the Spoiler

Viola (Gabz) is driven by the desire for a better life, the ability to see the good in things, persistence in the face of challenges, and unmatched culinary skills.

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Luma (Agatha Moreira) is also obsessed with gastronomy, but her real mania is her love for Rudá (Nicolas Prattes).

Rudá thought he was fixated on Luma until he met Viola, who enters the lives of the couple alongside her boyfriend, Mavi (Chay Suede).

Mavi, in turn, is deeply infatuated with Viola, but if passion wanes, his true obsession is power.

When Does “Mania de Você” Premiere?

The soap opera is scheduled to debut in the second half of this year, most likely in September of 2024.


The story begins with the friendship between two young women, Viola and Luma, who seem destined to intersect in each other’s lives. Born on the same day in vastly different circumstances, they meet years later, united by coincidences beyond their shared birthday.

Viola, from a humble background, moves with her boyfriend Mavi to Angra dos Reis, where Luma lives a luxurious life financed by the man she believes to be her father, the unscrupulous Molina, a cybersecurity entrepreneur.

Molina has maintained an unacknowledged relationship for decades with his submissive employee Mércia (Adriana Esteves), who is also Mavi’s mother. The newly graduated chef, Luma, is dating Rudá, who happens to meet Viola by chance.

This marks the beginning of the duo’s journey, transitioning from a shared passion for cooking to an obsession with the same man. Their immediate connection evolves to the point where one starts living the reality that once belonged to the other, ten years later.

Their journey is characterized by a mix of complicity and rivalry, placing them in a romantic quartet that is influenced by a series of circumstances, twists, and surprises, including a murder mystery.

Adriana Esteves Joins the Cast

Molina has maintained a decades-long, undisclosed relationship with his submissive employee Mércia (Adriana Esteves), Mavi’s mother. Luma, a newly graduated chef, is dating Rudá, who meets Viola by chance.

This sets off the journey of the two women, from a shared passion for cooking to an obsession with the same man, transitioning from an instant connection to living out each other’s realities a decade later. Their path is marked by complicity and rivalry, involving them in a romantic quartet and affected by a series of twists, turns, and surprises, including a murder mystery.

Where is it shot: Portugal and Angra dos Reis

The story is set against the backdrop of the paradisiacal nature of Angra dos Reis, on the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro, where the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the resorts coexists with the simplicity of local communities.

Additionally, scenes will be filmed in Portugal, where part of the plot involving one of the protagonists unfolds. Besides Gabz, Agatha Moreira, Chay Suede, Nicolas Prattes, and Adriana Esteves, the cast includes Thalita Carauta, Mariana Ximenes, Eliane Giardini, Mariana Santos, Alanis Guillen, Bukassa Kabengele, among others.


“Mania de Você” is a brazilian telenovela (soap opera) created and written by João Emanuel Carneiro, with contributions from Eliane Garcia, Marcia Prates, Marina Luisa, and Zé Dassilva, and script research by Marta Rangel. The soap opera features artistic direction by Carlos Araújo, general direction by Noa Bressane, and direction by Isabella Teixeira, Philippe Barcinski, Guilherme Azevedo, and Igor Verde. The production team includes Gustavo Rebelo, Luis Otavio, and Lucas Zardo, with genre direction by José Luiz Villamarim.

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