Love is Blind: Discover Why One Couple Said “No” at the Altar

Love is Blind Brazil 4th season cast making a toast

The final episodes of the Brazilian version of the reality show arrived on Netflix this Wednesday (3rd).

In the final episodes of the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil, the only couple who chose not to marry was Marília and Patrick. Together, they said at the altar that they “would not marry yet.” Discover below the reasons that led them to say “no” to marriage at the end of the series.

The last and new episodes of the season arrived on Netflix this Wednesday (3rd) and feature the phase where the four couples go to the altar and decide whether to say “yes” or “no” after having spent days getting to know their partner “blindly.”

Subtitled “A New Chance,” the fourth season features participants who had previously been divorced, separated, or experienced a failed engagement.

The couples Alexandre and Renata; Ingrid and Leandro; Marília and Patrick; and Vanessa and Leonardo reached the final phase. Ariela and Evandro dropped out of the experiment, as shown in the eighth episode. Click here to recall the complete journey of the couples.

Why Didn’t Marília and Patrick Get Married?

Marília and Patrick were the only couple this season who chose not to marry. Together, they said at the altar that they “would not marry yet.”

“There was no other way for us to end this; we have always been honest, transparent the whole time, and we reached an agreement that it is not the right time [for us to marry]. Everyone has their own timing, and ours has not come yet,” explained the bride.

Patrick also read a message to the family and friends present at the ceremony. “We are not here celebrating a label, which is marriage, but celebrating our joy, our companionship, our complicity, and everything we have already experienced.”

Both were very emotional after sharing their decision, making the audience cry as well.

“Today, we will not get married, but tomorrow we have our entire lives ahead of us, and we will let life guide us, just as it has always guided us towards the happiness we seek,” added Patrick.

“We are not getting married. That’s okay! Everyone has their own time. We will respect this process and time. It’s a ‘no’ to marriage at this moment, in this way, but a ‘yes’ for us,” read Marília in her vows. “This is still a celebration of love, so let’s celebrate,” she concluded.

Despite not formalizing their marriage, the couple kissed.

In the final minutes of the episode, Marília reinforced her choice: “This is the best decision we could make in life, I think. It was a unique experience, it was beautiful, everyone was beautiful, everyone was happy, it was truly perfect.”

Patrick, in turn, concluded his participation in the reality show by saying: “Now, we move forward on this path; we are together, let’s see what happens, and if one day we mature and marriage happens, it will be very welcome.”

Recap of Marília and Patrick’s Journey on the Show

At 37, bank clerk Marília Pinheiro got engaged to traffic manager Patrick Ribeiro, 32. Still in the pods, Patrick mistook his fiancée for Renata, who was also part of the fourth season cast.

With similar personalities, they exchanged a few barbs in real life shortly after the honeymoon, when Marília said she expected more attention and maturity from her partner. One example she cited was the amount of time he spent on his phone or sleeping while she did other tasks alone.

Additionally, Marília expressed some discomfort with how Patrick talked about marriage, treating it as a possibility rather than a certainty.

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