“Love is Blind: Brazil” Pays Tribute to Thamara’s Father, Wanderlei

Thamara's Father, Wanderlei

Wanderlei Tavares, who won fans over with his appearance in the second season of the Netflix dating reality show, passed away in March of this year, in 2024.

The fourth season of “Love is Blind: Brazil” premiered on Netflix this Wednesday (19th) and, in addition to the emotional meetings between the new singles, brought tears to long-time fans of the show by dedicating the first episode to Wanderlei Tavares, father of former participant Thamara Térez, who died in March.

Thamara announced her father’s death on social media, taking fans by surprise. “Life is funny. Suddenly, it ends. He is gone and it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I love you. Go with God. In mourning,” she wrote alongside a series of illustrated photos of her father.

Who was Wanderlei Tavares?

Wanderlei Tavares is the father of participant Thamara Térez
Wanderlei Tavares is the father of participant Thamara Térez

The late Wanderlei Tavares is the father of participant Thamara Térez, from season 2, who won the public’s hearts due to the relationship he had with his daughter. His participation was notable because, at first, he hated the idea of ​​Thamara marrying someone she had just met. However, after seeing Alisson, his opinion changed completely, as he found the boy very handsome.

Wanderlei is also remembered for defending participant Verônica Brito after she was left at the altar. Wanderlei’s scolding of Will Domiêncio, who abandoned his bride shortly before the wedding ceremony, had repercussions on the networks and was a hit with the audience. Because of this affection, the reality show’s management dedicated the premiere episode of the new season to him, as a way of honoring his time on the program.

Wanderlei was also present on other occasions in the program. One of these was the final episode of the third season, which was broadcast live. On that occasion, he tested in the audience and received applause when he was interviewed by the program’s presenting duo.

About “Love is Blind: Brazil – A fresh start”

“Love is Blind: Brazil” returns for its fourth season starting this Wednesday, June 19th, on Netflix. This time, the cast of “Love is Blind: Brazil: A fresh start,” as the new season is titled, consists solely of people who have been married before and want to believe in love again.

In the reality show, participants are isolated and must find their husbands or wives through pods that completely separate them. After the marriage proposal, they enter the real world to discover if the love developed blindly matches their physical attraction.

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