Love is Blind: Brazil: Participant Accused of Fatphobia, and Reality Show Shocks with Case Twist

Participant Accused of Fatphobia in love is blind 4

“Love is Blind: Brazil” Launched a New Season This Wednesday (19) and Faced Another Case of Fatphobia. The controversial comment was made by Alexandre Thomaz in the first episode and caused a stir in the women’s lounge. After hearing the remark, one of the participants decided to alert the other women.

“This last one, I was really liking the vibe. Then he came out and said, ‘I liked one with a fat voice,’ and now… My… I thought it was awful. We found him disgusting,” she said about the event manager. Ariela Carasso, who had listed Thomaz as one of her favorites, decided to confront him about the controversy.

“Are you going to be honest? I want to know if there was any comment from you saying you liked someone, but that they had the voice of a fat person,” asked the producer when she met him again in the pod. The participant, who had previously undergone bariatric surgery, clarified: “This comment really affected me because I’ve suffered a lot from this.”

Both in the confessional with the potential partner and in the conversation with the production team, the businessman denied making the statement. “I don’t remember if I said it. I don’t recall saying that. And if I did, I was totally mistaken in my words. I’m being very sincere, but if I said it, I really don’t remember,” he assured.

Ariela, on the other hand, stated that she thinks it’s “wrong” for people to judge in a first conversation but ruled out the possibility of a relationship with the businessman. “Alexandre has a stereotype. For me, everyone has their beauty, and he has a specific type of woman he likes. So, he and I wouldn’t work out because of this requirement,” she explained.

In the men’s lounge, Thomaz laughed about the situation while telling his colleagues and blamed the excess of alcohol. “If there was this comment, it might have been in a joking tone, I don’t remember, in fact. And it’s impossible to identify how a person looks physically by the tone of their voice,” he argued.

After interacting with Ariela, the businessman got involved with Renata Giaffredo. However, he ended up suffering from aesthetic pressure in the reality show. “If he’s not the person I envision, we can be great friends. Because there won’t be a relationship,” said the lawyer. “If he’s, suddenly, a bit too chubby and all… I’ve never been in a relationship, so this might be a hindrance for us not to work out,” she added.

Renata even said she would only love Thomaz if he was exactly the way she wanted. This opinion ended up stressing the businessman. The two argued but ended up getting engaged in the second episode.

The fourth season of the reality show, “Love is Blind: Brazil: A fresh start,” features participants who have been married before and are looking for a new chance at love. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Netflix’s show has featured fatphobic comments.

Another Case of Fatphobia

In the second season, Amanda Souza proposed to Paulo Simi Lopes. He happily accepted the proposal but changed his mind when they met in person. The couple only hugged and didn’t exchange kisses. Paulo also commented on his bride’s appearance.

“She is nothing like what I’ve dealt with in my life. A strong woman. An empowered, wonderful woman. I don’t know if I can handle it. The new scares, you know? It’s complicated; you’re in love with a person, but you don’t know if you can handle the pressure,” he said at the time.

The wedding did not happen. After the show ended, Amanda, in an interview with Lucas Pasin, columnist for Splash at UOL, vented about Paulo backing out of the wedding after meeting her.

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