Love is Blind Brazil – Meet the Surprise Couple of Season 4

Muriel and Kaled

New episodes dropped on Netflix Wednesday (26th) and surprised with a new couple. Check the couples formed in the first episodes.

The new batch of episodes of the Brazilian edition of Love is Blind arrived on Netflix on Wednesday (June 26th). To the audience’s surprise, besides the five couples who moved on to the honeymoon stage, another duo was also formed.

During a party that brought the cast together, participant Gabriel Kaled, 31, joined the group announcing that his fiancée was at home, working. Following this, some flashbacks of his participation were shown, highlighting his interaction, still in the pods, with sales executive Muriel de Aquino Silva, 36.

Throughout the scenes, the production confirmed that, just like the other couples, they went through all the stages, including the dating proposal, the engagement, and the much-anticipated first meeting.

“On the day we left the experiment, he reached out to me on social media and we met that night. Kaled is a confident man who knows what he wants to experience with me,” Muriel said.

“We started living together from the first week, we’ve already seen a wedding planner to organize our wedding, and now we’re just following through with what we agreed in the pods,” added Kaled.

Muriel talks about her relationship with Kaled

On Instagram, Muriel opened a Q&A to interact with followers and answered several questions about her participation in the reality show. Among them, why she didn’t appear much throughout the season, nor participated in the honeymoon or the living together stage with her fiancé.

“Netflix selects more than 5 couples. Actually, they select 10 couples but choose the 5 stories they consider most relevant, that will resonate more. Our story didn’t make it into the top 5, and probably because of that, they’re now wanting to show you a bit more,” she explained.

Gabriel Kaled and Muriel Aquino da Silva: At 31 years old, economist Gabriel Kaled is from Magé, in Rio de Janeiro. Muriel is 36 years old, from Bahia, and a sales journalist.

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