Love is Blind Brazil 4: Why Did Kaled and Muriel Leave the Reality Show?

Kaled and Muriel

The couple appears in the pod phase and later in the pool party episode. The finale reveals if they are still together. Find out:

The final episodes of Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 have arrived on Netflix and are creating a buzz online. We now know who got married and who didn’t, but one question remains: Why did Gabriel Kaled and Muriel drop out after the pod phase?

This season specifically showed a bit of the participants who didn’t make it to the end of the reality show, which was the case for this duo. During the pod phase, Gabriel Kaled and Muriel got engaged but didn’t go on the honeymoon.

During a pool party, the series featured moments of the couple. Kaled mentioned that his fiancée, Muriel, did not participate in the episode because she was working. The couple returns in the final episodes.

On social media, they explained that Netflix selects 10 couples for the experience. During editing, the producers decide on the five pairs that might have the most appeal to the audience to continue on the show.

[Netflix producers] choose the five couples they believe will generate the most content,” Muriel responded in an Instagram comment.

Even after the experiment, the couple continued their relationship. In the final episodes, they revealed that they are engaged and are already “paying the bills” for their own wedding party.

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