Love is Blind Brazil 4: See Who Got Married at the End of the Reality Show

Who Got Married in Love is Blind Brazil 4

The final episodes of the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil premiered on Netflix this Wednesday (3rd); find out the outcome for each couple and see who said “yes.”

The couples who stayed together at the end of Love is Blind Brazil have finally been revealed. The reality show released its last two episodes this Wednesday (3rd) on Netflix. Once again, the show was a hit, sparking discussions on social media about topics like “bald-shaming,” parental abandonment, and more. After the eight episodes aired on June 19 and 26, the five couples — Marília and Patrick, Ariela and Evandro, Vanessa and Leonardo, Alexandre and Renata, and Ingrid and Leandro — finally got to walk down the aisle.

Hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, the Netflix show aims to form couples who choose each other solely based on conversation, without seeing one another. It all starts in the “pods” phase. After that, they meet in person, go on a honeymoon, and start living together. In the end, they walk down the aisle and decide whether to get married or not. Check out who said “yes” in the final episodes of Love is Blind 4. Please note that the following contains spoilers from the reality show!

1. Ariela and Evandro

Ariela and Evandro
Ariela and Evandro

Ariela and Evandro were the only couple who didn’t make it to the altar. After a fight, Ariela threatened to leave the experiment but returned and decided to give the relationship another chance. In episode seven, Evandro revealed to his then-fiancée that he has a son, but he hadn’t been part of his upbringing. Now, he was trying to reconnect with his now-older child.

Ariela saw this revelation as a sign that Evandro wasn’t being honest. At a pool party with the entire cast, she confronted him about another rumor, and according to Ariela, Evandro lied again. This sparked a big argument involving several couples. Evandro then went home and decided to call off the wedding with the event planner.

2. Alexandre and Renata

Alexandre and Renata
2x most controversial participants, Alexandre and Renata getting married

Alexandre and Renata stirred up controversy throughout the reality show. Alexandre was criticized for saying a participant had a “fat voice,” while Renata sparked debate by commenting on Patrick’s baldness. As a couple, they had their first fight still in the pods when Alexandre felt she was too concerned with appearances.

Additionally, Renata’s friends didn’t like Alexandre, disapproving of a possible marriage. Despite this, they decided to give their relationship a chance and said “yes” at the altar. The confirmation, however, didn’t come without suspense. Renata asked to read her vows before giving her answer. After saying “yes,” Alexandre even cried, moved by his wife’s speech.

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3. Ingrid and Leandro

Ingrid and Leandro
Ingrid and Leandro

Ingrid and Leandro didn’t have a smooth journey to the altar. During the honeymoon, they didn’t connect sexually — but this issue was addressed and seemingly resolved later on. They were also different in other ways: she was a determined entrepreneur and single mother of two girls, while he didn’t have a steady income and wasn’t very open about his feelings. Despite these challenges and initial skepticism from Leandro’s family about the experiment, they became another couple who said “yes.”

4. Marília and Patrick

Marília and Patrick
Marília and Patrick

In the pods phase, Marília and Patrick had a misunderstanding. The traffic manager confused Marília with Renata because both were from São Paulo and lived near him. But in the end, he realized he was genuinely interested in Marília and let the other participant go. The couple quickly bonded over their social and lively personalities. However, during the cohabitation phase, their relationship cooled off.

At the altar, after the officiant asked for Marília’s response, the couple replied together: “Not yet.” According to them, it wasn’t the right time. “We have our whole lives ahead of us, and we’ll let it guide us,” Patrick said in his speech. Even so, the couple reiterated their interest in maintaining a relationship despite not getting married at that moment.

5. Vanessa and Leonardo

Vanessa and Leonardo
Vanessa and Leonardo

The lawyer couple was one of the favorites of the season, even receiving praise from Anitta herself. On X (formerly Twitter), the singer even requested a season featuring only Vanessa and Leonardo. At the altar, unsurprisingly, the two said “yes,” to the delight of fans — and their families, who attended the ceremony. “I promise to always choose you. Let’s get married,” Vanessa said in her vows, bringing tears to the guests, including the host, Klebber Toledo.

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