Love is Blind Brazil 4 participant denies abandoning child and counters Ex’s claims

Evandro Pinto

Evandro Pinto, a participant in the fourth season of “Love is Blind Brazil,” has finally addressed allegations that he abandoned his eldest son, 12-year-old Gustavo. (read here the previous history: ‘Love is Blind Brazil’ Participant Evandro Pinto is accused of Parental Abandonment by Ex) The personal security guard refuted his ex-wife Luana Mendes’ version of events, claiming he was prevented from having contact with his son.

Evandro Pinto
Evandro Pinto

Since the new season of the reality show premiered on Netflix last Wednesday (19th), Luana’s revelations have gone viral on social media. The confectioner received support from fans of the show as well as former participants.

She accused her ex of parental abandonment and claimed he entered the relationship reality show while still committed to someone else. “Evandro portrays himself as a nice guy, but he has a pending arrest warrant for owing child support, a domestic violence restraining order, and abandoned a 12-year-old son whom he doesn’t even mention on the show. I am the boy’s mother,” Luana wrote on X.

“The jerk entered the show while in a relationship, ghosted his girlfriend (they had been together for six months), and didn’t even inform her. The girl was desperately looking for him until she found out he was seeking marriage on a reality show. I won’t let this slide; I will expose everything,” the confectioner added.

She also posted screenshots of supposed messages exchanged with Evandro, where he asked to resolve the situation without much exposure.


Engaged to Ariela Carasso on the show, the 35-year-old participant promised his followers an explanation. After days of silence, he released a statement on Saturday night (22nd).

“A lot of information has been circulating, causing much controversy. I know many were waiting for my response to the accusations, but I was waiting for an official statement from my lawyer, as I have always had legal support, not just now. I ask for everyone’s understanding regarding these situations,” he wrote in the caption.

The statement is signed by the law firm Carmo K, with attorney Karina Carmo, who is also a cast member of “Love is Blind Brazil 4.”

“Evandro Marcos, through his legal team, wishes to clarify the defamatory accusations against him. In mid-2023, Mr. Evandro approached the firm to initiate a child support and visitation regulation action. During a meeting on 10/23/2023, he addressed his legal doubts and concerns,” the statement began.

“Evandro has sought contact with his son since his birth, but the child’s mother, resentful over their breakup, has obstructed his paternal role in every way possible. He continued trying to connect through his relatives, who made every effort to restore contact between the child’s mother and Mr. Evandro,” the lawyer claimed.

“During one of his many attempts to reach out, Mr. Evandro faced threats and humiliation, and was informed that Ms. Luana’s current partner had taken over the paternal role and that his son did not need him, asserting that contact would only disrupt the child’s life,” the statement continued.

The statement also mentioned that Evandro faced a period of depression. “After recovering from depression, he did not give up. The child was born in 2012, and since then, there have been numerous attempts at paternal involvement, from birth until very recently.”

Evandro reportedly avoided legal action earlier due to “limited financial resources and expertise.” “His absence as a father was due to circumstances beyond his control. He publicly expresses his regret and pain, and thanks God that the humiliating and cruel accusations have motivated him to take action and overcome his inaction.”

“With the support of those who know his character and desperation, Evandro has hired lawyers to regularize his situation judicially. We hope the court soon grants Evandro the right to fulfill his paternal obligations and exercise his parental rights, with or without the mother’s consent,” the statement concluded.

Negative Reaction

Despite blocking comments on the post with the statement, social media users reacted to his clarification in another post on his Instagram.

What kind of clarification note is that? Pathetic! It would have been better to stay silent and play the victim than to make a fool of yourself like this,” criticized Silvia Rafaela. “He omitted his son on the show and has an arrest warrant for not paying child support! He aborted a living child!” added Talita Campos.

“This guy approaches a law firm in November 2023 because he knew he was going to be on ‘Love is Blind,’ which is recorded months in advance. The child is 12 years old, so why did he wait until November 2023? What a scumbag,” Eduardo Duarte slammed.

“Trying to explain the inexplicable? Do you think people are stupid? It’s better to say nothing to avoid looking worse. Posted the note and blocked comments? Not even brave enough,” wrote Clau Andriotti. “Graduated from the Militão School,” compared Stephanie Silva, referencing soccer player Éder Militão.

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