Love is Blind Brazil 4: Find Out When the Reunion Episode Will Be Released

Love is Blind Brazil 4 reunion

Netflix is releasing a reunion episode featuring the main couples from the reality show, and the 4th season of Love is Blind Brazil will be no different.

After the third batch of episodes of Love is Blind, where the couples finally walk down the aisle, Netflix announced the release date for the reunion. The episode will bring together all the couples who participated in the season and will feature Muriel and Kaled, who got engaged but did not go on the honeymoon.

This moment, eagerly awaited by fans of the show, will be available to subscribers on July 10. “You’ll be able to see who stayed married, who reconnected, what happened to the other participants who didn’t make it to the altar, and revisit the main conflicts for some classic drama (or maybe not so much),” announces Netflix.

In addition to the main couples, other participants who “made a mark in the last season” will also be present at the reunion. The show will be hosted by Klebber Toledo and Camila Queiroz.

Love is Blind 4: Discover Which Couples Say Yes at the Altar

Another season of Love is Blind Brazil comes to an end this Wednesday (7/3). With the new, and final, batch of episodes available on Netflix, fans already know who gets married and who doesn’t say yes at the altar. But if you haven’t watched yet and want to know the results in advance, we’ve got you covered!

After the release of the final episodes, three couples end up together in the season. However, according to the Instagram profile Segue a Cami, some break up after the filming ends.

Ingrid and Leandro

These two make it to the altar and say yes, proving once again that blind love can lead to marriage. However, the couple is reportedly no longer together.

Marília and Patrick

To the surprise of some, Marília and Patrick do not say yes at the altar. They say they want to continue dating outside of the reality show, but apparently, they are not together anymore.

Renata and Alexandre

This couple might surprise some people. Going against what Renata’s friends wished, they also say yes at the altar. However, it seems living together didn’t work out, and the couple reportedly broke up after the show.

Vanessa and Leonardo

As most fans of the reality show expected, this couple does not disappoint and says yes at the altar. More than that, the lovebirds are still together after the show and are even thinking about having a baby! So sweet!

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