“Love is Blind Brazil 4” debuts with controversial remarks, misunderstandings, and rivalries

"Love is Blind Brazil 4" debuts with controversy

The first episodes of the fourth season are already available on Netflix; the program brought together participants who have already divorced or even got engaged.

To the delight of the audience, the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil arrived on Netflix this Wednesday (19). The reality show, presented by the couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, features participants who have already divorced, separated, or even got engaged in search of a new chance at love. However, on the path to these new passions, they also encounter intrigues, conflicts, and discussions.

The program follows the same dynamics as previous seasons: for 10 days, strangers converse separately in cabins, unable to see each other. During this period, they must commit to getting married. However, before the altar, the lovebirds spend a few weeks living under the same roof, where romance may – or may not – blossom.

The first batch of episodes, already available on Netflix, does not yet include the “test drive” phase, which usually reveals the biggest conflicts and most surprising revelations from the participants. Even so, what has already happened is stirring discussion among viewers.

Below, let’s see the main points of the first part of Love is Blind Brazil 4: A Fresh Start.

Gossip and controversy

In the very first episode of the fourth season, a statement by participant Alexandre caused outrage among the female cast members. Upon exiting the dating booth, he commented to the other reality show contestants:

“I’m screwed. I only liked one, who has a fat voice.”

Since the booth door was still open, the comment was overheard and negatively resonated in the Women’s Lounge. The remark upset Ariela, from São Paulo, who had placed Alexandre among her top choices. According to her, because of her history with obesity, his attitude saddened her.

“For me, everyone has their beauty, and he has a specific type of woman he likes, so he and I wouldn’t work out in that regard,” Ariela said after talking to Alexandre and saying she didn’t want to continue investing in that connection.

Alexandre justified himself, claiming not to remember saying the phrase:

“I don’t recall saying that, and if I did, I completely misspoke,” he explained. “But I really don’t remember.”

The public also didn’t appreciate the event organizer’s attitude. On X (formerly Twitter), he was criticized and accused of fatphobia.

Confusion, doubt, and rivalry

Another conflict that arose in the first episode was between Marília, Renata, and Patrick. During the conversations in the booth, the São Paulo native confused the two participants, believing they were the same person. The controversy, like the other one, began in the Women’s Lounge.

Both Marília and Renata claimed that Patrick had chosen them, leaving them confused and suspicious of the traffic manager’s intentions. In the following episode, when they met him in the booth, Marília brought the issue to light. Only then did Patrick realize his mistake.

“I acknowledge my mistake, I really want the opportunity to talk to Renata and explain everything to her. I feel awful,” he reported.

After realizing the confusion, Patrick quickly chose to prioritize Marília. She shared the news with the other participants and told Renata her version of the events.

“I bring good news!” she said before telling the lawyer about the dialogue. “I told you I was going to talk to him, right?”

The banker’s attitude, however, displeased some viewers, who accused her of instigating female rivalry.


After the conversation with Patrick didn’t go anywhere, Renata begins to focus her attention on Alexandre, who was dismissed by Ariela because of his controversial comment. The two have similar lifestyles, live in upscale neighborhoods in São Paulo, and admit to caring about status and appearance.

However, Alexandre is dissatisfied with Renata for this reason, and they argue after she says she will only love him if he is “who she’s thinking of.”

“If he’s a little too chubby, I’ve never been in a relationship like that, maybe that could be a hindrance for us to work out,” Renata reveals.

The event organizer loses his patience and retorts.

“You’re too full of yourself, you need to lower your ego,” he snaps. “I’m not here to meet someone shallow.”

The next day, after the argument, the two reconcile and agree to commit to marrying each other.

Overwhelming passion

As in previous seasons, there are couples whose match is instantaneous. That’s what happened with Ariela and Evandro. After dismissing Alexandre, the event producer fully surrenders to the personal security guard and trader, and they decide to get married in the first episode. In a romantic moment, he presents the beloved with hydrangeas, flowers that symbolize a new beginning, and declares:

“I am completely into all of this, I love what we’ve built, I love your way, your personality, and I can’t deny that I love you because I would be denying something that’s within me,” he says before proposing to Ariela.

The second batch of episodes of Love is Blind Brazil 4 premieres on June 26, and the third part on July 3.

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