Love is Blind Brazil 4: Alexandre Thomaz defends himself after criticism

Alexandre and Renata love is blind brazil 4

Alexandre Thomaz took to social media to discuss his meeting with his fiancée Renata’s friends on the show.

Contestant Alexandre Thomaz, from Love is Blind Brazil: A fresh start, used social media on Saturday (June 29th) to address a scene from the reality show. The moment in question is when the event producer met with the friends of Renata Giaffredo, his fiancée on the show.

“Now, let’s give the spotlight to those who want to shine: Renata’s friends. What did you think of their attitude towards me there? Imagine you throw a party at your house, welcome people, and then they start filling the person you want to marry with information, telling them not to marry you,” he began.

“I just defended myself. (…) The only thing I could do was defend myself. That’s what I said [on the show], the parents gave their approval, who are you to say otherwise,” he continued.

The meeting between Alexandre and Renata’s friends is shown in the eighth episode. They exchange barbs, and one of the friends tells the production, “Someone who treats her friends badly, gets nervous, is explosive. I didn’t like what I saw.”

On social media, the scene sparked mixed reactions. Some users described Renata’s friends as “inconvenient,” “hasty,” and “arrogant.” Meanwhile, other viewers said Alexandre was “rude” to them.

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