Leandro from ‘Love is Blind Brazil 4’ slammed on social media after Ingrid exposes abuse: ‘He won’t go unpunished’

Ingrid accused Leandro of abuse. The incident was revealed during the reunion of ‘Love is Blind Brazil 4’.

The reunion of ‘Love is Blind Brazil 4’, aired this Wednesday (10) on Netflix, was marked by abuse accusations against Leandro Marçal. Ingrid Santa Rita used her moment in the episode to expose incidents that happened during her marriage to Leandro. She claimed that he had sexual issues but instead of seeking professional treatment, he started touching her at night while she slept. Ingrid’s heavy account resonated on social media, and Leandro is being slammed online.

Leandro attacked after Ingrid’s accusation

Several internet users went to Leandro’s Instagram to criticize him for his abuse during the marriage with Ingrid. Many people are outraged by the ex-LIB participant’s account and are calling for the case to be investigated by the police. Leandro even limited comments on his Instagram. Additionally, he deleted his last post, which was bombarded with criticism. However, this didn’t stop users from commenting on other posts.

“You were dirty with Ingrid,” wrote one user. “Abuser won’t go unpunished!” stated another. Many are also commenting with disgust and vomiting emojis on his posts. Marília, another participant from ‘Love is Blind Brazil 4,’ also took a stand. On her Instagram, she said that Leandro should have left the reunion in handcuffs.

What happened?

During the reunion of ‘Love is Blind Brazil 4,’ Ingrid revealed that she and Leandro are no longer together. She also exposed the episodes of abuse she suffered during their marriage. “What made me break up with Leandro was the lack of respect. When I chose you as my husband, I imagined that, having three sisters, you would know what not to do. You didn’t know and disrespected me multiple times,” she said.

Ingrid said that Leandro had erectile dysfunction but instead of treating it, he ‘waited for her to sleep,’ implying that she was a victim of non-consensual relations. “During that last week, every day, until 6, 7 in the morning, at first, I slept naked, then in panties, then in pajamas, then I took a pillow and slept facing down in my bed, then I started sleeping on the couch, avoiding you in my bed, in my room, in my house,” she said.

“My daughters found me on the floor, having a panic attack, begging, for God’s sake, for you not to touch my body. I begged you not to touch me,” she revealed, crying.

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